Tulle (pronounced tool)

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Have you ever used tulle? Do you know what tulle is?

Tulle (pronounced tool) is a fine mesh net fabric and is typically used to make wedding veils and ballet tutus etc. Netting is similar but is stiffer. Tulle is finer than netting. When my girls were younger and I made their clothing, some of their dressy dresses had tulle. It went under the skirt of the dress to give it some lift, or as I like to call it, poofiness! And sometimes it is used to simply embellish. The dress to the right was made by me and modeled by a friends daughter. Tulle was used on both sides of the dress and gathered beneath three gold roses. And if I say so myself, that dress and hat were "head turners."

So you might be wondering what all this has to do with embroidery. Well, if you think about it, applique might come to mind. Tulle, placed over another applique fabric makes wonderful fish fins. And I've even used it for monograms. So click below and you can view my examples. And if you come up with something cool to do with tulle, let us know.

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Mary Sue ~ Mother Hen's Quilt Embroideries