The Ring Pillow

The Ring Pillow ... and some money-saving wedding ideas.
Featured in the 01/01/17 newsletter.

The "Ring Pillow" is a perpetual calander of sorts. This idea came about as Mary Sue was asked to create a ring pillow for her daughter's wedding, a wedding that took place in a barn out amongst the cows and the cornfields. The barn venue itself is very beautiful and unique and we, Mary Sue (mother), daughter #01 (maid of honor), and daughter #02 (bride to be), saved a few thousand dollars by doing many of the wedding tasks ourselves. Please click the ring pillow picture to the right to view some of our efforts, and yes, you get to see the wedding dress too! And while browsing through the pictures, imagine the sound of a harvester plucking corn a few fields over and the smell of "dairy air" wafting on the breeze. Yes, Mary Sue was asked to close the barn door at one point during the dinner festivities. Country weddings are ... well, country weddings.

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Mother Hen's Quilt Embroideries

Click the picture above to view some
crafty, money-saving wedding ideas.

About the ring pillow: Using my large 8x12 hoop, I was able to fit everything into one hooping. I chose to center the date numbers within each grid square, but, look closely and you'll see the special day, the 29th, is green instead of gray. After the embroidery was complete, I placed the fabrics, wrong sides together, and then stitched a folded over burlap trim around the three edges and stitched it down. I used fusible-web to hold the trim in place so it wouldn't shift around while it was being stitched down. I then stuffed the pillow, loosely, with polyester fiberfill. I didn't overdo the stuffing because it didn't need to be very "fluffy". Then I finished the final edge the same way I did the other three. All of the pillow trim was purchased at JoAnn's Fabrics. At the four corners, I used sheer green ribbon under burlap flowers with button centers. The finished pillow size is 9.5" square ... And it didn't take long at all to put together!