Mary Sue's Applique #2

First published in the 02/19/17 newsletter.

Mary Sue's 'Applique My Way' ... part #2.

Here's round two of 'applique my way'. Just two more explanations of why I do what I do and then on to a load of pictures that will show you what you can do with applique to take it a step further and stitch up something different. There is such a wide variety of fabric prints and thread colors so I will show you how I like to mix it up sometimes.

But first, a few more explanations. In last Thursday's newletter, I showed you how to make it easier to cut out those inner corners and also how to cutout those inner sections. So now an explanation about how I sometimes like to put together a design that has multiple applique sections and how I handle applique on top of applique. I will be using a beehive example from my new Homespun Spring collection. 

There are four tiers to the beehive so when I created the design, I set the top tier and the tier above the bottom section to stitch together. These two sections do not butt up against one another so it saves time to do them both togther. Just make sure your fabrics don't overlap before they are stitched down. Then the tier second from the top and the bottom tier will stitch.

With regards to stitching applique fabric on top of applique fabric, I try to avoid this but sometimes it is just easier to do. The circular entrance to the beehive is a good example of this. It is such a small section so I created it to stitch fabric on top of fabric. Typically, one would use a darker fabric for the entrance to the hive so the bottom fabric won't show through anyhow.

Click the hive to view a few blow-by-blow graphics.

And finally, if you want to see some cool applique ideas and how you can totally change the feel of a design by your fabric and color choices, click below.