Monkey Business

First published in the 01/12/17 newsletter.

My daughter is expecting their first and the ultrasounds have not shown any little dangly parts so I guess it is safe to say ...
"It's a GIRL!"

And this is where the "Monkey Business" comes into play. The baby's nursery will be a purple monkey theme. So, I digitized a Sock Monkey Pocket Topper to create something unique for the baby's room.

I found a shadow box frame on clearance at a local store and thought it would be perfect for the idea rolling around inside my head. What was inside the frame was discarded and I added my own special touches and dolled it up for the nursery. The frame was distressed white so that was an easy start right there. I just had to remove the backing to get at the inside. I did keep the frame's backboard so I would have something to attach the embroidered fabric to.

Instead of stitching the monkey in splashy colors, I kept it pretty generic looking. Because the stitched piece with the pocket is longer than it is wide, I added soft colored coordinating fabrics along the sides. The framed piece does have some nice color but the monkey is still the focal point. The denim pocket came from an old pair of blue jeans and it is the smaller coin pocket that is inside the larger front pocket. I used hot glue to keep the pocket in place.

This was a fairly quick and easy project and will add a nice bit of monkey business to the baby's room. Below are some things to keep in mind with regards to this design:

1. Monkeys don't have to be gray or brown.
2. The monkeys hands don't have to be cream or white.
3. The muzzle is applique. The rest of the design is fill stitches.
4. If you don't care for the tassle at the top of the hat, you don't have to stitch it. It is easy to skip because it is the last color stop.
5. And if you don't stitch the tassle, you can use a small bow instead. 6. You will need two small buttons for the eyes.
7. You can make your own pocket out of any material.
8. And if you do make your own pocket, you can make it any size you want and perhaps add a few flowers with the monkey.

If you wish to purchase the monkey pocket topper, please visit:
Mother Hen's Quilt Embroideries

Mary Sue ~ Mother Hen's Quilt Embroideries