Flannel Scarf

First published in the 01/10/17 newsletter.

On Sunday this week we gave you directions for making a sweet little flannel lap or baby quilt. They are such messy fun you will want to make them over and over again. They do make wonderful gifts. But what do you do when you have just bits and pieces left, not enough for a quilt but enough for a project.

Well, how about a little scarf or prayer shawl. Same idea as the quilt. Cut the blocks always about 2 inches around larger than you want the finished project to be. Embroider any blocks that you want. Then stitch together with the raw seam on the front of the project using a good solid stretch stitch or narrow close Zig Zag stitch. Clip the seams into fringe about a quarter inch apart. Then wash and watch the fun begin. To make the longer "fringe" on the end of the scarf/shawl I just used a double layer of flannel and stitched it across the end then cut it into long strips about 1 inch apart. Try making the scarves extra-long, and add pocket at each end. It will be long enough to go around the neck and then hands can go into the pockets on the ends to stay warm.

You can also make them with a single or double layer of polar fleece. These stitch up fast and it is a great way to use up all the scraps left from your Christmas projects. Stitching parts together "crazy quilt" style to form blocks is never a problem and will create some extra interest.

With the cold weather here in the northern USA we worry about our homeless people staying warm. A good way to help is to make your scarves and tie them in areas where homeless gather with a note of encouragement. Or drop them off at the shelters. Believe me they will be very happy to get them. This is the kind of gift that warms many a heart.

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