What not to do!

Greetings Everyone!

Some people learn from their mistakes and some people learn from the mistakes of others so I am going to share my boo-boo mishap in hopes that it doesn't happen to you too.

A few years ago, as my machine was stitching along on a baby bib, the material flopped over a tad and so I, in my infinite wisdom (NOT), thought I'd just quick flip it out of the way with my finger. Wow was I wrong.

I have an older Brother PE 600 and it's top speed is 1,000 stitches per minute. I never run it that fast and usually keep it right at 650 stitches per minute. And it nailed me good. I realized in a split second how powerful those machines are.

The needle broke off into several pieces. It all happened so fast and it didn't really hurt so I just stood their staring at the thread coming out of my finger wondering where the rest of the needle was. I found verything but the sharp tip. So I pulled the two ends of the thread coming out of my finger and it didn't budge. I knew it was in there. I should have left the thread alone but I ended up pulling on one end until it was all out. And that made me queasy.

Needless to say, I didn't feel like driving so a friend took me to the ER and the x-rays revealed what I feared ... it was in there. Fortunately, all the doctor had to do was numb it and make a minor cut and pull it out. No stitches needed, just antibiotics. The needle just missed my bone so this could have turned out much worse. The hospital bill however just about gave me a heart attack.

So save yourself some cash and learn from my mistake. Stop the machine before flinging your fingers about. Click below to view the pics which includes some of the x-rays. There is a bit of blood but not to much if that bothers you.

Mary Sue ~ Mother Hen's Quilt Embroideries