Applique Tips

First Published in the 02/17/17 newsletter.

And today we have for you a few applique pointers in preparation for this coming Sunday, Applique My Way part #02, which will feature some applique ideas for your perusal.

So here we go ... outside corners are easy enough to cut around but what about those sharp inner corners. What I do is slice straight down the center to just about that inner corner. Be careful and don't go to far. You don't want to snip any stitches. Cutting down the center first will make it much easier to snip along the edges. Check out the ladybug picture. And if you've never seen a purple ladybug, well, you have now!

If you have an applique design that has an inner cutout, just snip a small hole in the center cutout area before stitching down the fabric. Now you can easily cut out that center section. See the picture beneath the ladybug.

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Mary Sue ~ Mother Hen's Quilt Embroideries