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I know I've mentioned before that a long, looong time ago, I used to sew the bulk of my daughters clothes. I even made some of my own and I still have some of my old, ooold, patterns. I don't mean to exaggerate but 30 years does seem like quite some time ago. Anyhow, we all know what goes around, comes around. And so it is with clothing. And for that reason, I went about hunting online for some decent websites that sold out-of-print, vintage, victorian, retro, medieval and historical patterns. I've listed some links to the right and some of these wesites are actually pretty cool and have a wealth of information outside of just selling old patterns.

Some of my favorite pattern companies for children are Burda, Neue Mode and Folkwear. These patterns aren't something you'd want to start out with however. Some experience would be very helpful but they do have different clothing patterns. Things you wouldn't necessarily find from McCall's, Simplicity or Butterick. For example, I made the Australian Drovers Coat from Folkwear Patterns. It was for my daughter (back in elementary school) and she was the envy of her classmates.

So grab a hot cup of whatever goes down easy for you and check out some of these links I've included for your perusal.

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Mary Sue ~ Mother Hen's Quilt Embroideries

  • BUTTERICK - out of print patterns
  • McCALL'S - out of print patterns
  • VOGUE - out of print patterns
  • KWIK SEW - out of print patterns
  • SewDirect - in the UK
  • Your Pattern Shop - Vintage - Out of Print - Retro
  • Pattern Postie - Discount and out of print patterns
  • Old Patterns - Resells vintage, retro and costume patterns
  • Mom's Patterns - Vintage sewing patterns
  • Brown Paper Patterns - Simple style and easy construction
  • All the Precious Things - in Australia
  • Reconstructing History
  • Patterns of Time
  • Old Time Patterns
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Truly Victorian
  • Old Petticoat Shop
  • The Possible Shop - Frontier and Western
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