Keepin' it Straight

First published in the 02/07/17 newsletter.

Sharing a little hot tip on this Tuesday. My mother always said, "Mary Sue, you're so fussy!" My reply was always the same, "I'm not fussy, I simply know what I like." And it isn't crooked pictures hanging on the wall.

Yes, I'm a bit OCD about that and I'll share my tip for keeping them straight. It works great and doesn't hurt the paint or wallpaper on the wall. It is the rubbery shelf liner. I have two pictures hanging one above the other and the bottom picture was always skewed and it drove me nuts. Since I glued some rubbery shelf liner along the bottom of the frame, I haven't had to touch it. It stays put. I just cut a thin strip and used a bit of Elmer's glue, let it dry overnight and it was ready to hang again the next day.

Mary Sue ~ Mother Hen's Quilt Embroideries