Sticky Spray Box

First published in the 02/09/17 newsletter.

I have a little tip for you today which coincides with Sunday's applique feature for the newsletter.

Working from home does have it's little conveniences such as running out the back door to quick use a tad of sticky spray on the back side of my applique fabric. But what if you live in a northern climate like me or it's raining outside? You whip out the sticky spray box.

My box is rather large and it doesn't have to be quite this big but I have the room for it so it works good for me. First, I taped the box flaps up with duct tape. You can line the bottom with tinfoil, wax paper, freezer paper, or whatever strikes your fancy and spray away. I put the box on the floor and lay my fabric inside. The box helps keep the oversray contained. And when I use the sticky spray, I don't hose the fabric. I just use a quick, light shot of spray. Typically, applique fabric pieces are small to begin with so like I said, you really don't need a box as big as mine and all that is required is a quick shot of the sticky stuff and your good to go.

This coming Sunday, I'll dig into how and why I do applique the way I do it. And there will be a plucky companion to the cardinal design for you to download and follow along with. So, get your box together and enjoy the rest of your day!

~ Mary Sue's Sticky Spray Box ~