Stink Pretty

First published in the 01/24/17 newsletter.

A friend of mine was tossing out extra things from her wedding celebration and she brought me a whole bag of these adorable little drawstring tulle or mesh bags. They were in pretty colors and just adorable. So, I thought wow....I bet they would make great little fragrance bags. Went down to the laundry room to see if I had some scented rice left, and I didn't, but I could smell my Downy Unstoppables and it was like a light bulb went on.

So, check out your local craft shop, discount store or party shop for these adorable little draw string bags. Then grab that bottle of Unstoppables and fill them about half full and pull the drawstring and tie it shut. What a lovely smell... my favorite is lavender as it reminds me of grand mom's house.

Great for:
In the fabric cupboard
In the linen cabinet
In your "unmentionables" drawer
Under the seat in the car (I use LESS here as I don't like strong smells)
In the baby's room
Inside your gym bag
Inside your shoes
Inside of decorative pots or under furniture
Put a lightly full one inside the toilet tissue roll and each time you roll a happy scent will float into the air. Adding embroidery makes them extra fun as there are loads of tiny designs available.

And the nice part is that once the scent disappears you can open the bag and toss them into the laundry and then refill with new Unstoppables.

CAUTION: The label says to keep out of reach of children, if ingested give a glass of water. And I am not sure about pets either. So if you have any of these it is safer to put them on a little nail or hook high up and out of reach.

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