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First Published in the 01/03/17 newsletter.

Welcome to a new year. We thought we might start the year off with a bit of help for that sewing studio or area that you love to spend time in. Here are a few ideas that might get the new year off to a great start, watch for more coming as the weeks go by.

First thing is to clean up any leftover unfinished projects. If they are part done to be finished later, put them in zip lock bags with a note on the front with what they need to be finished. Keep these in a pretty basket by your machine or on your shelf to grab when you want something quick and fun to do.

Bring in a pretty box left over from something that is sturdy and has a nice cover. I like to cover mine with fabric or paper so it is really pretty. I call this my "treasures" box and I keep it under my desk out of the way. In this box I keep things I have not used in a long time, and now and again I go through it and either gift, trade or give away those little used items. Sometimes it is fun to have a "trade a treasure day" with friends. (Can you use a plain cardboard box and a big garbage bag…YES…but it is not near as much fun).

I have a multi drawer plastic stand just under my sewing table that holds all the "must have now" things I use. It is right at my finger tips for every project. Go through it drawer by drawer and organize and label things. Top drawer with things like bobbins and scissors and such. Then maybe additional tools next and so on. As you are going through your things THINK about each thing. If you have not used it in over a year you probably won't be using it so put it aside in your "treasures" box out of the way for now.

Hoops can take up loads of room and should not be lost under other things where they can warp or break. A great storage idea is those plastic file folder holders for your desk. Put several of them together and stand your hoops and quilting rulers up in the "slots".

Stabilizer rolls can be hung on the wall if you use those shoe or purse storage sleeves that are like a loop all down the backing. Slide a roll or two into each section and label the front with what is inside.

That should keep you busy for a bit. When you are finished with those projects stand back and give yourself a hand. You are well on your way to an organized studio.

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Pssst ... You are really going to want to see what is in Lyn's "Treasures" box. Some of it looks like it came out of a time capsule. And Lyn tried to convince me that purple thing is a breast enhancer.
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