Old Bags

First published in the 01/17/17 newsletter

Most people are over whelmed by those plastic bags we get at all the stores. They are stored under your sink, in a drawer, in another bag, and anyplace else you can find to hide them. We reuse them for all kinds of normal house hold things as well as crafts, and it is always good to recycle as much as we can to save our environment.

In my studio we use them not only in embroidery projects but as liners in the trash cans and to hang on door knobs to remember to take certain things from one level of the house to another. But I don't want them all over the place, and I don't have too much extra storage space. I tried those sweatshirt sleeve ideas when you stuff them down the sleeve of the sweatshirt that is hung by a ribbon, but they don't come out of the bottom nice and I am forever digging one out and dropping several more on the floor.

After watching about a million DIY and household tip shows I finally came on a trick that really works well for me and for the limited space I have.

First you will need an empty tissue box. Either kind works well. Again, because of limited space we use those Boutique kind (and I admit I am drawn to them because they are "pretty"). And of course you will need all your bags.


Start by flattening all your plastic bags out and fold them about 3-4 times so the handles lay on the top and they are in a long and narrow rectangle.

Now, starting at the bottom of the bag, tuck it into the tissue box till you get about the final third left out and this will be the handles and a bit more.


Insert the second bag bottom through the handles and bend up about one third of the way, then stuff that into the box.

Keep on inserting into the handles and stuffing into the box till either your box is full or your bags are gone.

It is easy to now pull the handles that are sticking out slowly like you would a tissue and when you get to the folded over part it will release and leave the next bags handles showing.

I love this style of storing them. And it is easy to put in additional bags as you get them without having to start something all over from the beginning.


You can use a tissue box, a coffee can, a Clorox can, a Baby wipe case or anything else that fits in your decor. Doesn't look right? Well, grab some fabric and make it a cover.

Enjoy you new "Old Bag Storage".

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