Embroidery Fake Out

First published in the 02/05/17 newsletter.

How many times have you embroidered the perfect gift…but felt like it was just not perfect from the back as well as the front? Items like baby blankets, bibs and such can be seen from both sides and sometimes need a bit of a “fake out”.

We all know that you can make the back of an embroidered project better by using matching bobbin thread on the back. Or you can use an appliqué shape and just embroidering the shape on the back of the final item. You can even create a pocket over the embroidery to hide the back and that even creates a useful addition. Well, this is just another little “cheat idea” to add to your arsenal.

Embroider your design on your project. In this case I have used a baby blanket. I folded the blanket corner to corner to find the center, then used a tearaway on the back and a plastic style topper on the front (I leave this out overnight so it starts to dry and gets a bit crisp.) Once the embroidery was finished, I took all the stabilizer off the back and the front. I clipped the jump stitches.

Now take a good look at the back, I agree it doesn't look too bad, but it can be better. Use your Sharpie markers to gently color in key things like his nose, eyes, and his paper airplane. The difference is amazing. The Sharpie markers are permanent and work great washing after washing.

Sharpie Markers are a wonderful addition to your embroidery tools. Both fine and extra fine tips. They work great for coloring the back, touching up an imperfect stitch or even fixing an outline that was off just a bit. Remember they are permanent so be very careful how you use them...less is better to start. But once you get the hang of it they can be a very important tool.


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