Is your fabric BOARD?

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Is your Fabric Board? How many STACKS of fabric do you have? Are they tipping over and falling out of the cupboards and shelves? Don't you wish there was a better way?

A friend's husband works in a store that prints signs on white corrugated plastic. (You know the kind you see at gas stations and grocery stores that are light and easy to hang). The sign shops often have left overs or damaged stock and they can be easily cut down to fit on a shelf and hold fabric in a neat and organized way. (This is a great use for those used political signs as well.)

I cut mine to 8.50x11 inches so they fit easily on my shelves. This is a perfect size for a normal 36-44 inch cut of fabric. Your fabric normally comes off the bolt folded in half with the salvage along the edge, just fold the fold side to the salvage side and roll them onto the boards. Even if there is printing on the boards I have never had issues with it coming off and I have been using these for years.

Check out your local sign printing stores to see what you can find. IF all else fails, check with the gas stations and grocery stores to see if they have any they are ready to toss out. Normal corrugated cardboard works well too…just not as pretty and not quite as stable as the plastic stuff.

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